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About US

Elena K. Safaei is the President of Golden Real Estate Group, a full-service real estate state advisory services company. Elena co-founded the company with her partner, Javad Safaei, and together they partner on every single transaction from start to finish, complementing each other’s skills and talent.


What separates Golden Real Estate Group from any other brokerage?


Prior to forming the firm, Elena had a successful career of 15 years in commercial real estate, where she oversaw the acquisition, development, construction, leasing, and disposition (through value-add strategies) of retail, industrial, medical, and residential properties. Elena represented the owners and developers and negotiated purchase and sale agreements, lease and license agreements, construction agreements and other legal documents directly with the County of Los Angeles, County San Bernardino, Department of Veteran’s Affairs, Social Security Administration, McDonald’s corporation, Bank of America, Chase Bank, HSBC, Phoenix Children’s Hospital, Banner Health, Panda Express, Starbucks, Kroger, Wallgreens, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Ross Stores, T-Mobile, ATT, and many other Fortune 500 companies.The clients always are very impressed with Elena’s professional background, the connections she has developed and how she directs and navigates each and every transaction.


Elena and Javad specialize and work only in three (3) areas: Westwood, Little Holmby/Holmby Hills and Beverly Hills Flats, where they have lived for over 26 years, and which markets they know exceptionally well by having seen every single house (there is a total of 3,610 single family residences in the aforementioned areas), and having met personally with 1,488 homeowners (or over 41% of total owners). The strategy of narrowing down the areas of expertise enables the team to focus on these 3 markets with a greater detail and intimacy, have the most historic knowledge of every property that was sold, which in turn is crucial when it comes to providing an opinion of value of the property.


Years ago, Elena and Javad found a niche and work with the clients that require discretion and privacy for different reasons and do not wish to market the house publicly. The high-net-worth and A-list of clients include celebrity and entertainment attorneys, high-profile executives, Oscar nominated screen writers and film producers, platinum album singers and song-writers, fashion moguls and many more.


Golden Real Estate Group has also a presence in St. Petersburg, Russia and maintains a partnership agreement in Xuanzhou, China. These connections make it possible to facilitate assistance to the buyers from the overseas.



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